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12 April 2012


Today'spresentation provides some information on our travels in the Pacific since 1970, some cruises we have both lectured on since 2004, as well as information on how the indigenous inhabitants of various Pacific Islands arrived at their various locations.


The last Forum presentation made was on December 10, 2009, entitled "Final Words and Cruising IntoRetirement" ( Itis safe to say that academics, even retired ones, never really have a"final" word on any subject!

That particular presentation was an individual one and I am delighted to share today's Forum with my best friend and wife, Sadie, so we can make a joint-presentation on "Pacific Travelers" (discussing, briefly, some of our own travels and how the islanders came to inhabit the largest geographic feature on this planet:  namely,the Pacific Ocean).

As I wrote in December 2009, the very first Forum was made by (now Professor Emeritus) Turhon Muradin fall 1973 and I did thesecond Anthropology Forum in November 1973 and this is actually my 37th Forum presentation in almost 40years! 

For all of my public presentations I try to have a "piece of paper" for all in attendance, to provide something to write on!  Sadie and I carry on with this "tradition" when welecture and at will find the "Reading List" for a cruise we recently completedfrom San Diego to Hawai'i (and return). This list is based on a much larger bibliography that I have beenworking on for decades and that may be viewed at  An additional "Pacific" webpage that might be of interest to you is[Guidebook for PacificCultures, Anthropology 373, Fall 2007].

Sadie's recommended reading: W. Arthur Whistler, 2009, Plants of the Canoe People:  An Ethnobotanical Voyage ThroughPolynesia (Kaua'i:  National Tropical Botanical Garden).

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Because of the nature (or is it culture?) of the World Wide Web, this web page contains more information then the handout distributed on 12 April 2012, to wit, specifically: [PEOPLES & CULTURES OF THE PACIFIC: Okeania est omnis divisa in partes tres] [MAPPING THE ISLANDS OF THE PACIFIC: ISLANDERS AND OTHERS (INCLUDING COOK AND DARWIN)][TAHITI: FROM 1971 TO 2004/2005!][EUROPEANS IN TAHITI: FROM COOK TO GAUGUIN] [OPERATION HAWAI'I: PRELUDE TO PEARL HARBOR] [WORLD WAR II ENDS!]


Brian David Bruns, 2008, Cruise Confidential:  A Hit Below The Waterline (Palo Alto, CA:  Travelers' Tales).

Daniel Allen Butler, 2002, Warrior Queens: The Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth in World War II (Stackpole Books).

Bob Dickinson and Andy Vladimir, 1997, Selling the Sea:  An Inside Look at the Cruise Industry (New York:  John Wiley & Sons, Inc.).

Christopher A. Garin, 2005,  Devils on the Deep Blue Sea:  The Dreams, Schemes And Showdowns That Built America's Cruise-Ship Empires (New York:  Viking).

Ross A Klein, 2002, Cruise Ship Blues:  The Underside of the Cruise Industry (Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada:  New Society Publishers).

Ross A Klein, 2005, Cruise Ship Squeeze:  The New Pirates of the Seven Seas (Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada:  New Society Publishers).


PLEASE CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING from Brian David Burns, 2008, A Hit Below The Waterline, page 369 ["Provisions for an average seven-day cruise on a mid-sized cruise ship with about 2,000 passengers and almost 1,000 crewmembers."].


45 bottles of sherry

120 pounds of herbs and spices

150 bottles of rum

200 bottles of gin

200 bottles of champagne

290 bottles of vodka

350 bottles of whiskey

350 pounds of crab

450 pounds of jelly

600 gallons of ice cream

600 bottles of assorted liqueurs

1,680 pounds of sausage

1,750 pounds of cereal

1,936 pounds of cookies

1,976 quarts of cream

2,100 pounds of lobster

2,450 tea bags

2,458 pounds of coffee

3,156 pounds of turkey

3,260 gallons of milk

3,400 bottles of assorted wines

3,800 pounds of rice

4,600 pounds of veal

5,040 pounds of lamb

5,750 pounds of sugar

7,216 pounds of pork

10,100 bottles/cans of beer

10,211 pounds of chicken

13,851 pounds of fish

15,150 pounds of potatoes

20,003 pounds of fresh fruit

24,236 pounds of beef

25,736 pounds of fresh vegetables

110,820 eggs


HERE ARE SOME CRUISE WEB SITES THAT MIGHT BE OF INTEREST: [Vacations to Go] [CruiseTimetables] [Last Minute Cruise Deals] [Cruise ShipCalendar] [Cruise Lines& Cruise Related Links] [Cruise Reviews, Cruise Dealsand Cruises - Cruise Critic] [Ship Parade: The Online magazinededicated to cruise ships][Your Resource for the OtherInformation About the Cruise Industry]







Cruises Lectured On} December 20, 2004 -> March 31, 2012 [And please see]

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