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On 31 December 2009 I retired from California State University, Chico, and am now associated with the University as a Professor Emeritus of Anthropology.

PLEASE NOTE: this is an on-going "work-in-progress" documenting cruises that I have made presentations on since 2004, with emphasis on "Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific" as well as World War II. Various cruise itineraries have also included lectures dealing with Paul Gauguin, Charles Darwin as well as Science, Technology, and Creativity. I have lectured on, or will lecture [as indicated], on selected itineraries of the following 24 ships and in alphabetical order they are: Amsterdam (2008, 2013, 2015, & 2016), Maasdam (2018a & 2018b), Noordam (2016), Ocean Princess (2015) (note: formerly known as the Tahitian Princess), Oosterdam (2012 & 2020),Pacific Princess (2006), PaulGauguin (2007, 2016, & 2017), Prinsendam (2009), Queen Elizabeth (2012), Queen Elizabeth 2 (2007), Queen Victoria(2011), Rhapsody of the Seas(2011), Rotterdam (2010),Ryndam (2008), SapphirePrincess (2007 & 2014), Seabourn Sojourn (2017 & 2018), Spirit of Oceanus (2009), Star Princess (2012), Statendam (2013, 2014, & 2015), Tahitian Princess(2004 & 2005) (note: now known as the Ocean Princess), Viking Sun (2018 [2020]), Volendam(2010 & 2014), and Zaandam (2008 & 2011). In 2016 and 2017 was designated a "Smithsonian Journeys Expert" for the Paul Gauguin on a "Voyage" to French Polynesia. In January 2021 will be the Smithsonian Journeys Expert on the Wind Spirit in French Polynesia. Since 2009, my wife Carol Urbanowicz ("Sadie"), has also made presentations on selected cruise itineraries.

This particular page is updated on an occasional basis and includes academic publications, tourist information, various web pages, as well as various items that might be found in a city,county, college, or university library. The following words of thedistinguished Pacific scholar O. H. K. Spate [1911-2000] arewell worth considering as you peruse this page:

"If it would take a lifetime to visit all the shores and islands of the Pacific, one sometimes feels it would take nine lives to master fully the vasty literature of the deep. All that the explorer can do is to mark some positions and take some soundings.... [stress added]." Oskar Hermann Khristian Spate, 1979, The Spanish Lake (University of Minnesota Press), page x.

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Pacific publications of a general nature (including specificPacific academic publications):

Robert Aldrich, 1990, The French Presence In The SouthPacific 1842-1890 (Honolulu: The University of Hawai'i Press).[Self-evident from title.]

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Publications dealing with the Pacific and World WarII:

[Note: for additional references dealing with World War II and the Pacific (some of which are listed below), please consult Urbanowicz, 1991b, below: [Prelude to Pearl Harbor: Operation Hawai'i. For the CSU, Chico Anthropology Forum, December 5, 1991.)

Anon., 1943, What To Do Aboard A Transport:"Science From Shipboard" - A simple manual of information andinstruction for those who cross the seas in ships to fight forfreedom (Prepared by a group of scientific writers and artistsunder the guidance of the Boston-Cambridge branch of the AmericanAssociation of scientific workers) (Washington, DC: Science Serviceand Infantry Journal). [Self-evident from title:Fascinating paperback publication! The edition I own is a"First Printing [of], 59,000."

Anon., 1992, Guadalcanal: Official SouvenirPublication (Chatswood, Australia: Mace Marketing Pty. Ltd.)[Self-evident from title.] 

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Robert C. Cottrell, 2006, Smokejumpers of the CivilianPublic Service in World War II: Conscientious Objectors asFirefighters for the National Forest Service (London: McFarland& Company, Inc.) [Self-evident from title: fascinatingpublication about a little-known aspect of World WarII.] 

William Craig, 1967, The Fall of Japan (NY: The DialPress). [Self-evident from title} deals with the final weeks ofthe war in the Pacific and how the occupation forces eventuallysettled into the country.] 

John Crawford, 2000, Kia Kaha:  New Zealandin the Second World War (Oxford University Press).   [Self-evident from title.]

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Nicholas Dawidoff, 1994, The Catcher Was A Spy: TheMysterious Life of Moe Berg (NY: Pantheon Books). [Somewhatself-evident from title: Moe Berg, a professional baseball player,was in Japan prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor.]

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[Self-evident from title.] [National World War II Memorial} Washington, D.C.][National Death Tolls For the Second World War][World War II} Day-by-day][World War II} Important Dates][The War Page} Including excellent "visuals" on the PacificTheatre of Operations].[National Park Service: A Guide to the War in thePacific][WW2, Pacific War][Hawaii War Records Depository: Honolulu Advertiser and HonoluluStar Bulletin][NARA Documents: Japanese American Veterans Collection DigitalResources][U.S. Navy World War II Number Coded GeographicalLocations][Battle of Midway][World War II Links on the Internet][The Learning Channel} Pacific][The Home Front} Women at War][US Department of Defense Official Website} World War II MemorialDedication][Answers.Com} List of People Associated With World WarII][Australia Remembers1945-1995][Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway][ANZAC Day} Commemorating Gallipoli, 25 April 1915][ANZAC Day} Australia][MacArthur Museum Brisbane, Australia][The Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War}Victoria University of Wellington][ANZAC Day} New Zealand][Digger History: Australia & New Zealand at War: AnUnofficial History][ Australia's War 1939-1945].[Ahoy-Mac's Web Log-Home} "This site is dedicated to all 'Whowent down to the sea in ships' in World War 2, in whatever capacitythey may have served the cause of freedom, but especially to theEighty Four Officers and Men who died in H.M.A.S. Canberra at theBattle of Savo Island, on the 9th of August, 1942."[World War II} History Learning Site, United Kingdom][The Coast Guard in World War II] [World War Links including World War I and World War II} from Killeen, Texas][CARL (Combined Arms Research Library) Command and General StaffCollege, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.][Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas:Japan's Battle of Okinawa][HyperWar: U.S. Army in World War II} which provides linkssuch as the following:] [U.S. Navy at War, 1941-1945: Losses of United States Naval Vessels From all Causes, 7 December 1941-1 October 1945] [United States Army In World War Two: Strategy and Command: the First two Years] [United States Army In World War Two: Cartwheel - The Reduction of Rabaul] [United States Army In World War Two: Victory in Papua] [The Battle of Savo Island, Guadalcanal, August 8-9, 1942] [The Battle of Cape Esperance, 11 October 1942] [Army Air Forces in WWII: Vol. IV} The Pacific: Guadalcanal to Saipan, August 1942 to July 1944] [United States Army In World War Two: Seizure of the Gilberts and Marshalls] [United States Army In World War Two: The Fall of the Philippines] [Iwo Jima - The Flag Raisers} detailed information on the six individuals, three of whom died on Iwo Jima.] [Iwo Jima] [African-Americans and the U.S. Navy, World War II Service At Pacific Bases]. [African-Americans and the U.S. Navy, World War II Service At Pacific Bases, Part 2].[The U.S. Army Center of Military History} which provideslinks such as the following:] [Guadalcanal: The First Offensive] [Online Bookshelves: WWII - Asiatic-Pacific Theater} The U.S. Army Center of Military History] [Okinawa: The Last Battle} The U.S. Army Center of Military History][US Naval Historical Center: Formal Surrender of Japan - Selectedand Miscellaneous Views][United States Marine Corps Operations in WWII} which provideslinks such as the following:] [United States Marine Corps Operations in WWII} Isolation of Rabaul] [United States Marine Corps Operations in WWII} Central Pacific Drive] [United States Marine Corps Operations in WWII} Saipan: The Decisive Battle] [United States Marine Corps Operations in WWII} Iwo Jima][Seabee History: World War II} Dealing with the "ConstructionBattalion" activities of World War II][United States Air Force Museum: Combat in the Pacific - WorldWar II][War Of Our Fathers: World War II, The Pacific][Northwestern University} World War II Instrument ofSurrender][The University of Oklahoma Law Center} The Japanese SurrenderDocuments of World War II][Quartermaster Supply in the Pacific During World War II][U.S. National Archives & Records Administration} ResearchRoom-World War II Photos][World War II Timeline} University of San Diego][World War II Pictures by Date} University of San Diego][World War II Links on the Internet][World War II by History Link 101][U.S. National Park Service} War in The Pacific][U.S. National Park Service} American Memorial Park,Saipan][National Park Service} World War II Warships][Saipan][D-Day: The Invasion of Saipan][Pacific War} Operation Downfall][Operation Hailstone: The Battle of Truk Lagoon][Listing of Various World War Two Museums} Europe andPacific][Nihon Kaigun: Imperial Japanese Navy Page][Slideviewer} Numerous World War II "slide" shows, both Europeand Pacific.][Native Americans in World War II].[Navajo Code Talkers in World War II][Battle for Kwajalein in pictures-1944].[The Northern Mariana Islands and World War II].[A Brief history of Okinawa].[Atomic Missions 60th Anniversary} Tinian][Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo][Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo][1 July 1946} United States Strategic Bombing Survey: SummaryReport (Pacific War)][Atomic Bomb Decision (Hiroshima-Nagasaki)][Japanese American Internment][Rosie The Riveter Memorial, Richmond, California][Battleship Missouri Memorial, Pearl Harbor, Hawai'i][Oral History Transcript of 2 September 1945 Ceremony][World War Two on Postage Stamps} interesting site!]


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My specific Pacific Web Pages:

2017a [October-November References for the Seabourn Sojourn cruise} October 14, 2017 to November 15, Los Angeles to the South Pacific, returning to Los Angeles via the Hawai'ian Islands].

2017b [Thoughts On EO9066: 1942-1988. For a presentation in Professor William Nitzky's CSU, Chico ANTH 467 (Exhibit Research, Design, and Installation].

2017c [Brochure: Some Selective Information For Smithsonian Journeys: French Polynesia (February 9-19, 2017).]

2017d [Brochure references as well as reading list and video links for Smithsonian Journeys: French Polynesia (February 9-19, 2017).]

2016a [September-November References for the cruise of the Noordam and the Amsterdam} September 25, 2016 to November 17, 2016. Vancouver, British Columbia, to Hawai'i and then to the South Pacific, disembarking in San Diego].

2016b [Non-Fiction & Fiction Writers by Carol (Sadie) Urbanowicz].

2016c [Brochure: Some Selective Information For Smithsonian Journeys: French Polynesia (February 4-14, 2016).]

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2015b [September-November References for the Amsterdam cruise} September 27, 2015 to November 4, Seattle to Hawai'i and then South Pacific, ending in Tahiti].

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2015d [Non-Fiction & Fiction Writers by Carol (Sadie) Urbanowicz].

2015e [World War II, 1931-1945: Words, images, And Locations. For the CSU, Chico Anthropology Forum at CSU, Chico, September 3 and the video that was made of the presentation is available at (50:29)].

2015f [Prepared in anticipation of the February 2016 Paul Gauguin cruise through French Polynesia].

2015g [February-March References for the Statendam cruise} February 13, 2015 to March 15, San Diego to Hawai'i and French Polynesia and return to San Diego].

2015h [January References for the Ocean Princess cruise} January 2, 2015 to January 27, Fort Lauderdale to French Polynesia, via the Panama Canal, selected South American ports, and Easter Island].

2014a [Cruising Into Retirement As An Anthropologist. For the 113th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Washington, D.C., December 3-7, 2014].

2014b [September-October 2014 References for a segment of the Volendam} September 24, 2014 to October 19, 2014, Vancouver to Sydney].

2014c [April 2014 References for a segment of the Sapphire Princess} April 3, 2014 to April 29, 2014, Los Angeles to Osaka].

2014d [February-March 2014 References for a segment of the Statendam} February 14, 2014 to March 5, 2014, San Diego to Pape'ete].

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2013b [January-February 2013 References for a segment of the Amsterdam World Cruise} January 27, 2013 to February 6, 2013, Pape'ete to Auckland, New Zealand].

2012a [Anthropology Through Cartoons, Or, Anthropology Can Be Funny! For the CSU, Chico Anthropology Forum at CSU, Chico, December 13, 2012.]

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2011a [October 2011 References for the ms Zaandam cruise} October 30, 2011 to November 7, 2011, San Diego to Honolulu, Hawai'i.

2011b [September-October 2011 References for the Rhapsody of the Seas Cruise} Honolulu to Auckland, New Zealand (via French Polynesia).]

2011c [February 2011 References for the ms Queen Victoria cruise} February 17, 2011 to March 3, 2011, Los Angeles to Hawai'i and return to Los Angeles.

2010a[December 2010 References for the ms Rotterdamcruise} December 1, 2010 to December 11, 2010, Honolulu, Hawai'ito Pape'ete, French Polynesia.]

2010b[September 2010 References for the ms Rotterdamcruise} September 30, 2010 to October 23, 2010, Honolulu,Hawai'i, the Cook Islands, and French Polynesia and to SanDiego.]

2010c[April 2010 References for the ms Volendam cruise}April 17, 2010 to May 12, 2010, Sydney to Vancouver.]

2010d[March 2010 References for the ms Rotterdam cruise}March 8, 2010 to April 10, 2010, San Diego to Hawai'i, the CookIslands, and French Polynesia and return to San Diego.]

2009a[March 2009 References for the Spirit of Oceanus cruise}February 27, 2009 to March 13, 2009, Fiji to Guam.]

2009b[February 2009 References for the Spirit of Oceanus cruise} February 13, 2009 to February 26, 2009, Tahiti toFiji.]

2009c[January 2009 References for the ms Prinsendam cruisesegment} January 22, 2009 to February 2, 2009, Fortaleza, Brazil toRio de Janeiro, Argentina.]

2008a[Specific Pacific References for the ms Amsterdam} 23January 2008]

2008b[Specific Pacific References for the ms Ryndam} 6 January2008]

2007a[Pearl Harbor After Sixty-Six Years and World War II in the PTO(Pacific Theater of Operations)]. For the CSU, ChicoAnthropology Forum at CSU, Chico, December 6.]

2007b[CSU, Chico ANTH 373, Pacific Cultures.Fall 2007 ].

2007c[Gauguin Pacific References} 25 June 2007]

2007d[Specific Pacific References} 15 January 2007]

2006a[April->May 2006 Cruise Dates} Selected Historical Dates forthe 21-Day Islands of the Pacific Theatre Cruise, Sydney to Osaka,April 26-May 17, Pacific Princess Itinerary K612].

2006b[Back to the Pacific Again (and Again and Again and Again)! Forthe CSU, Chico Anthropology Forum at CSU, Chico, March2.]

2006c[Cruising Through World War II Battle Islands in the Pacific. Fora presentation at The Lodge, Chico, California, January 4,2006.]

2005a[World War II Ends! For the CSU, Chico AnthropologyForum at CSU, Chico, September 1.]

2005b[Pacific Princess Itinerary K515} Selected HistoricalDates for the 25-Day Islands of the Pacific Theater Cruise, Honoluluto Beijing, May 29->June 24.]

2005c[Tahiti: From 1971 to 2004/2005. For the CSU, ChicoAnthropology Forum, May 5.]

2004a[Europeans in Tahiti: From Cook to Gauguin. For the CSU,Chico Anthropology Forum, November 4.]

2004b[Mapping The Islands of the Pacific: Islanders and Others(Including Cook and Darwin). For a presentation at the WAML(Western Association of Map Libraries)Conference, April 29-31, 2004, at CSU, Chico.]  

2003b[Destination Polynesia: Tahiti And The Neighbor Islands. For theCSU, Chico Anthropology Forum, November 6.]

1998a[Course Syllabus for ANTH 273: Pacific Cultures,CSU, Chico, Spring 1998.]

1998b,[Comments on Tasmanian Publications of 1884 and1973/74].

1993a[Peoples & Cultures of the Pacific: Okeania est omnisdivisa in partes tres. For the CSU, Chico AnthropologyForum, September 30.]

1993b[Oceania & The Pacific for Journalism 116: InternationalCommunications In The Global Arena. For CSU, Chico JOUR116 (International Communications In The Global Arena) atCSU, Chico, March 25.]

1991a[Abstract of: Prelude to Pearl Harbor: Operation Hawai'i.For the CSU, Chico Anthropology Forum, December 5.]

1991b[Complete paper of "Prelude to Pearl Harbor: OperationHawai'i" for the CSU, Chico Anthropology Forum, December5.]

1991c[Information Technology for the Pacific Basin. For the 17thPacific Science Congress, Honolulu, Hawai'i, May 27-June 2.]

1989a[Tourism in Tonga Revisited: Continued Troubled Times? HostsAnd Guests: The Anthropology of Tourism, edited by V. Smith, 2ndEdition (University of Pennsylvania), pp. 105-117.]

1989b[The Islands of Hawaii: 750A.D. to 1989. For the CSU, ChicoAnthropology Forum, September 21.]

1988[The Potential of the Pacific: Some Suggestions from CaliforniaState University, Chico. For the 1988 Annual Meeting of The PacificTelecommunications Council, Honolulu, Hawai'i, February15-19.]

1983[Christian Missionaries in the Polynesian Kingdom of Tonga: Late18th Century & Early 19th Century Activities. For the AnnualMeeting of the American Historical Association, San Francisco,California, for the Symposium entitled "Missions and Missionaries inthe Pacific: An Overview" on December 28.]

1980[Women In The Pacific: Some Polynesian Examples. For the"Asia and Pacific" Section of the 28th Annual Meeting of the AmericanSociety for Ethnohistory, San Francisco, California, October23-25.]

1977a [Tourism in Tonga: Troubled Times. Hosts and Guests: TheAnthropology of Tourism, edited by V. Smith (University ofPennsylvania), pp. 83-92.]

1977b[Motives and Methods: Missionaries in Tonga in the Early 19thCentury. The Journal of the Polynesian Society, Vol. 86, No.2: 245-263.]

1976[John Thomas, Tongans, and Tonga! The Tonga Chronicle(July 15, 1976), Nuku'alofa, Tonga, Vol. 13, No. 7: 7.]

1973[Tongan Adoption Before The Constitution of 1875.Ethnohistory, Vol. 20, No. 2: 109-123.]

1972[Tongan Social Structure: Data From An EthnographicReconstruction. For the 71st Annual Meeting of the AmericanAnthropological Association,Toronto, Canada, December 2.]

1971[Tongan Culture: From the 20th Century to the 19th Century. Forthe 70th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association,New York, New York, November 17.]

1968[Comments on Bronislaw Malinowski (1884-1942). For the GraduateSeminar (ANTH 507) taken at the University of Oregon in the FallQuarter of 1968. The original paper was entitled "Notes" and wasdated October 29, 1968 and was originally placed on the WWW onDecember 30,1998.


Some of my specific Darwin web pages:

2010[Review of Charles Darwin: The Concise Story of anExtraordinary Man by Tim M. Berra (Baltimore: The Johns HopkinsUniversity Press, 2008), in Reports of the National Center forScience Education (Berkeley, California), Volume 30, Numbers 1-2(January-April), pages 37-38. 

2008[Personal Comments on Anthropology and Darwin. For ProfessorDavid Eaton's CSU, Chico ANTH 600 (Core Seminarin Anthropology) on September 30,2008, at California State University, Chico.

2007[Why Go To The Galápagos? Why Not?! For the HumanitiesCenter Friday Tertulia at CSU, Chico, August27.]

2005[Urbanowicz on Darwin and Human Happiness! [For apresentation in PHIL 321 (ETHICS AND HUMANHAPPINESS) at CSU, Chico, November 30.]

2004a[The Darwin Project: 1996 to 2004! For the Tenth AnnualConference on Learning and Teaching sponsored by CELT(Center for Excellence in Learning andTeaching), October 21-22, 2004, at CSU, Chico.]

2004b,][Four Darwin Videos from CSU, Chico. For the CSU, ChicoAnthropology Forums, February 12 and 19.]

2003a Charles Darwin: - Part Three: A Man ofScience. [ ~Twenty-four Minute Video. Darwin fromSouth America, through the Galápagos Islands, and back toEngland.] []Produced and Edited by Ms. Donna Crowe: Instructional Media Center,CSU, Chico. Available via the Internet with REAL PLAYER[]

2002 ThereIs A Grandeur In This View Of Life. In Darwin DayCollection One: The Single Best Idea Ever (2002) Edited by AmandaChesworth et al. (Albuquerque, New Mexico: Tangled BankPress), pages 67-70.

2001a Charles Darwin: - Part Two: The Voyage. [~Twenty-two Minutes. Darwin from South America, through theGalápagos Islands, and back to England.] []Edited by Ms. Vilma Hernandez and Produced by Ms. Donna Crowe:Instructional Media Center, CSU, Chico. Available via theInternet with REAL PLAYER [].

2001bThe Galápagos Islands: Every Little Bit Helps.The Chico Enterprise-Record, Sunday, February 25 (page E1 andE2) and see:

2000[2000, South American visuals.]

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[Note: for a complete listing of all of my specificDarwin pages to date, back to 1965, please see:]


General Pacific topics web pages:[Discoverers Web: The Pacific & Australia][National Library of Australia} South Seas} Voyaging andCross-Cultural Encounters][Captain Cook Society Home Page][National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London][based on the 2002 book Blue Latitudes byTony Horwitz].[Australia} First Fleet Fellowship: "The First Fleet FellowshipVictoria Inc. is an historical society formed in 1984 to provide anassociation for all those people who have ancestors who arrived inAustralia in 1788 aboard one of the ships of the First Fleet."[Pacific Islands Report} East-West Center, University ofHawai'i][Presidency of French Polynesia][Federated States of Micronesia Government Home Page][Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Archives][The CNMI Guide: Your Guide to Saipan, Tinian and Rota][Micronesian Seminar][Welcome to Bikini Atoll][Steve Thomas Traditional Micronesian NavigationCollection][Gauguin's Tahitian paintings found on the web][The Charles Darwin Foundation][The Friends of Charles Darwin][South Pacific Travel Photos][Jane Resture's Oceania Page] [NewZealand Electronic Text Centre} The New Zealand Electronic TextCentre's free online archive of New Zealand and Pacific Islands textsand heritage materials....][The Official historyof new Zealand in the Second WorldWar][][Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand][New Zealand in History][New Zealand: Treaty of Waitangi][New Zealand: Maori Statistics][First Maori War: 1845-47][Visiting Guam][US National Park Service} Saipan][Okinawa][Easter Island Home Page][Rapanui: The Edmunds and Bryan Photograhpic Collection,1904-1929][Early Images of the Australian Aborigines: 1993 Exhibit fromMonash University][Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawai'i][Fiji Museum, Suva, Fiji][Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington][Museum of Wellington City & Sea][Australian History][Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmania, Australia][Sydney: Australian Musem Online]


I have no fiduciary arrangement (nor stock!) in GOOGLE but I heartily recommend "Google" as a tool for searching for information on the World Wide Web. In addition to Google's excellent "image search engine" I would also suggest PictureAustralia for image searches. One should also go to Image Search Engines: Fagan Finder


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FIGURE I: Composite Cruises} December 20, 2004 -> January 28, 2020

FIGURE II: Composite Pacific Locations} June 1970-> January 28, 2020

FIGURE IIa: msy Wind Spirit} January 26, 2021 -> February 5, 2021

FIGURE IIb: Oosterdam} March 21, 2020 -> April 18, 2020

FIGURE III: Viking Sun} January 4, 2020 -> January 28, 2020

FIGURE IV: Seabourn Sojourn} October 15, 2018 -> November 19, 2018

FIGURE V: Maasdam} March 25, 2018 -> March 31, 2018

FIGURE VI: Maasdam} February 1, 2018 -> February 25, 2018

FIGURE VII: Viking Sun} January 5, 2018 -> January 29, 2018

FIGURE VIII: Seabourn Sojourn} October 14, 2017 -> November 15, 2017

FIGURE IX: m/v Paul Gauguin} February 9, 2017 -> February 19, 2017

FIGURE X: ms Amsterdam} October 6, 2016 -> November 17, 2016

FIGURE XI: ms Noordam} September 25, 2016 -> October 5, 2016

FIGURE XII: m/v Paul Gauguin} February 4, 2016 -> February 14, 2016

FIGURE XIII: ms Amsterdam} September 27, 2015 -> November 4, 2015

FIGURE XIV: ms Statendam} February 13, 2015 -> March 15, 2015

FIGURE XV: Ocean Princess} January 2, 2015 -> January 27, 2015

FIGURE XVI: ms Volendam} September 24, 2014 -> October 19, 2014

FIGURE XVII: Sapphire Princess} April 3, 2014 -> April 29, 2014

FIGURE XVIII: ms Statendam} February 14, 2014 -> March 5, 2014

FIGURE XIX: ms Statendam} October 10, 2013 -> November 3, 2013

FIGURE XX: ms Amsterdam} January 27, 2013 -> February 6, 2013

FIGURE XXI: Star Princess} October 21, 2012 -> November 5, 2012
FIGURE XXII: ms Oosterdam} March 17, 2012 -> March 31, 2012

FIGURE XXIII: Queen Elizabeth} February 4, 2012 -> February 28, 2012

FIGURE XXIV: ms Zaandam} October 30, 2011 -> November 7, 2011

FIGURE XXV: Rhapsody of the Seas} September 21, 2011 -> October 6, 2011

FIGURE XXVI: ms Queen Victoria} February 17, 2011 -> March 3, 2011

FIGURE XXVII: ms Rotterdam} Honolulu to Pape'ete: 29 November 2010 -> 11 December 2010

FIGURE XXVIII: ms Rotterdam} Honolulu to San Diego: 30 September 2010 -> 23 October 2010

FIGURE XXIX: ms Volendam} Sydney to Vancouver: 17 April 2010 -> 12 May 2010


FIGURE XXX: ms Rotterdam} San Diego to San Diego: 8 March 2010 -> 10 April 2010


FIGURE XXXI: Spirit of Oceanus} Pape'ete, Tahiti to Guam: 13 February 2009 -> 13 March 2009


FIGURE XXXII: ms Prinsendam} Fortaleza, Brazil to Buenos Aires, Argentina: 22 January 2009 -> 2 February 2009


FIGURE XXXIII: ms Zaandam} Two cruises from North North America to Hawai'i: 3 April 2008 -> 11 May 2008 (including a cruise from San Diego to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and Seattle, Washington.


FIGURE XXXIV: ms Amsterdam} Bora Bora to Sydney: 23 January 2008 -> 10 February 2008


FIGURE XXXV: ms Ryndam} San Diego to Bora Bora: 6 January 2008 -> 23 January 2008


FIGURE XXXVI: ms Paul Gauguin} 30 June 2007 -> 11 July 2007

FIGURE XXXVII: Queen Elizabeth 2} 22 January 2007 -> 21 February 2007
FIGURE XXXVIII: Sapphire Princess} 28 February 2007 -> 12 March 2007

FIGURE XXXIX: Tahitian Princess} 29 May 2005 -> 24 June 2005
FIGURE XXXX: Pacific Princess} 26 April 2006 -> 17 May 2006

FIGURE XXXXI: Tahitian Princess} 2 January 2005 ->12 January 2005
FIGURE XXXXII: Tahitian Princess} 23 December 2004 -> 2 January 2005


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